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About Us

Trinity | ERD is a building envelope consulting firm with offices in Honolulu, Seattle, and New Orleans, and with clients across North America and around the world. We employ architects, engineers, project managers, field technicians, drafters, and administrators. In addition to supporting our local clients, our personnel travel to locations across the globe to provide building envelope solutions.

Founded in 1986 as Trinity Engineering, Inc., Trinity | ERD is the brainchild of Colin Murphy, who wanted to start a company that would allow him to apply his wealth of experience providing solutions for the analysis, improvement, and development of the building envelope. Most of our architects, engineers, project managers and administrative support staff are based in our flagship office, Seattle, Washington.

Our Team

Trinity | ERD's project teams are selected based on their expertise and experience. Our staff includes project managers, field inspectors, professional engineers, architects, drafters, and administrative personnel.

Our Services

Assessments and Capital Reserve Studies

Fine-tuned on-site documentation of conditions are reported using ASTM protocols to assess each building component's remaining useful life and cost budgeting for repair and/or replacement of the systems. Our testing methods are customized for each project and may include destructive and non-destructive testing. We provide a report of our findings with recommendations for repair prioritization and maintenance plans, as well as cost projections and life-cycle cost analysis.

Building Envelope Design and Specifications

At the heart of a watertight, long-lasting building envelope lies good design. We execute design of the building envelope holistically integrating the components that keep buildings dry and stable. Our engineers and architects create system performance based on local weather, building conditions and the overall purpose of the structure. We base decisions on broad product knowledge, an extensive library of product and historical data, and sound design and engineering principles.

Third-Party Testing and Inspection

Trinity | ERD provides objective, independent third-party inspection, peer review and testing to verify performance and compliance with project specifications, industry standards and manufacturer's requirements. We adhere to the American Society for Testing and Materials International methods, specifications, classifications and guidelines to provide analysis of designs and as-built conditions for water intrusion, air infiltration, wind uplift, energy performance, HVAC and plumbing systems.

Forensic Investigation and Analysis

Trinity | ERD brings a wide array of diagnostic and reporting tools to projects requiring detailed forensic analysis, including our accredited laboratory. We have an extensive database of roofing data and research covering thirty-five years of waterproofing technology, and we are capable of mining historical data on products, systems, weather, and other information that could be critical to your building's health, at a moment's notice. We use this data to develop a comprehensive report on our findings

Historic Preservation

All of our offices are in historic buildings, and we feel preserving unique monuments and structures is a privilege. It gives us the opportunity to step back into the past and see firsthand the art and technology of the time. The philosophical concept of the practice is to protect the legacy of our current cities, which are products of centuries of development. Each historic preservation is rewarding and educational for even our most seasoned professionals.

Litigation Support

Clients trust us for support with construction defects: the study of premature failing of roofing, waterproofing, curtain wall and glazing, façade systems, and administration issues such as delay claims and change order disputes. We offer support to owners, contractors and manufacturers, providing forensic studies, expert testimony and litigation support for building envelope and construction related disputes. Our team works diligently to provide compelling, accurate reports.

Building Enclosure Commissioning

Air Barrier
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Wind Uplift

Window Air and Water Intrusion
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Infrared Thermography

Bonded Adhesion Pull Test

Contract Administration

We literally wrote the book on contract support: Colin Murphy's book, Roofing for General Contractors, is the complete & definitive guide. We are with our clients throughout construction, verifying adherence to project specifications, conducting regular site visits and reports, and administering owner-contractor meetings. From the initial request for a bid to its installation, we make sure that your project is executed according to industry standards.

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